Recent Publication on Yoga and Safe Adaptations from the Too Fit to Fracture Research team

Background: Exercise such as yoga may have health benefits for older adults with osteoporosis, but without attention to safe movement yoga can also increase the risk for injury.

Objective: The current article provides suggestions for how to adapt yoga to the needs of older adults with

Suggestions: A general guidelines for exercise is that older adults with osteoporosis should participate in a multicomponent exercise program, including resistance and balance training. Contraindicated movements include end-range flexion/extension/rotation of the spine and internal/external rotation of the hip. Yoga postures that
should be encouraged include postures emphasizing spinal alignment and extension to mid-range in standing and on the floor. Overarching considerations for participation in yoga are that classes should be designed for higherrisk
older adults, led by an instructor who has had proper training with individuals with osteoporosis, should be a noncompetitive environment, and should give attention to which postures are safe and how to transition safely

Click here for the PDF: McArthur, C., Laprade, J., & Giangregorio, L.M. (2016)