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Do you work with clients with osteoporosis? Bone Fit™is an exercise training workshop for health and fitness professionals who work with clients with osteoporosis.

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The information and handouts provided from the course have allowed me to both pre-screen and identify clients that may be at risk for Osteoprosis.  I can now provide clients with knowledge and real-life examples of appropriate exercises and body mechanics to minimize their future fracture risks.  Additionally, I was also imparted with a series of…

Kinesiologist, 2019

I work in a seniors out patient hospital clinic that includes patients who are diagnosed with a number of various conditions, osteopenia or osteoporosis being quite common in their health histories. Many of my patients are already identified as a high fracture risk on their bone density tests,  some having one/more fragility fractures previously.  Unfortunately some of them haven’t had…

Physiotherapist, Nova Scotia, 2018

Bone-fit workshop was extremely interesting and useful. The workshop provided very concrete evidence-based information and easy-to-follow tools for evaluation and exercise prescription. Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with my clients.

Program Coordinator, Toronto, 2018

This program has been invaluable to me as my mother has severe osteoporosis. I set up a program for her as many others and the transformation in their strength and ability to finally being able to move has been too fold…..Awesome!!! I would recommend this program to whoever wants to listen.

Personal Trainer, Saskatoon, 2016

The course was everything that I had hoped for – it has put me on a new pathway in my practice of physical therapy.  Since I have osteoporosis, it has also helped me in a personal way. The materials that you sent home with participants provide a wealth of relevant information presented in an extremely…

Physiotherapist, Toronto 2016

The course surpassed my expectations and the info and exercises are very well organized. I used the content with 3 clients on my first day back in the clinic. Planning on using these exercises and principles with many clients from frail to strong with a variety of conditions, in clinic and as a personal trainer….

Kinesiologist, Pickering 2017

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