Red Flags (Basics)

Red Flags

In order for clients with osteoporosis to have a safe continuum of care, each person responsible for their exercise ( care, management or rehabilitation) should strive to ensure that when further care or consultation is required, they communicate that with their client.

The “red flags” for exercise may indicate the need for more in-depth management or rehabilitation before continuing with their current exercise program.  This would include clients demonstrating:

  • Severe pain with exercise, or pain that doesn’t abate after 2-3 days of exercise
  • A recent fracture (vertebral or non-vertebral)
  • a recent joint replacement
  • significant loss of range of motion or contracture
  • significant strength differences between sides
  • back pain (there is a high prevalence of back pain in patients with osteoporosis, which is related to limited functional ability and the pain may need management first)
  • inability to master a hip hinge
  • a large WOD and/or poor balance (lower than average score on OLST) should have a detailed assessment by PT first
  • score on 5 sit-to-stand test more than 11 seconds (similar to #4 – may indicate functional restrictions that need further investigation)
  • any cardiac responses which fall under the guidelines for exercise cessation/caution