Ideas for Walking Copy

Walking Cues to Start Appreciating Body Movement:

  • Feel the natural swing of your arms in opposition to your leg movement, then try the variations:
  • walking with NO arm swing
  • accentuate the arm swing (make it very big)
  • try walking and swinging arm with same side leg as swinging through
  • Walk imagining that your pelvis is a “bucket” full of water, you don’t want to spill.
  • Walk with “long legs” (as if they start at your waist)

Hill & Stairs

Pole Walking & Urban Trekking

  • In general, poles promote a more upright posture and weight bearing on the upper extremities, afford some relief of weight bearing on the lower extremities and also-because of the active use of the arms-increase the cardiac effort.
  • There are different poles available with different features. In general, a pole with a wide base (like a cane), adjustable via button lock (not twist to tighten), no wrist straps, and an ergonomically formed handle is going to be a safer walking pole for someone who has balance issues, a previous/current fracture, previous falls or a high fracture risk.