Guidelines (Basics)

These exercises are usually added after the patient has a solid base of back exercises (around the 3rd or 4th visit), so long as they don’t have any shoulder dysfunction which limits range of motion or is flared by full shoulder elevations.

These exercises can be done in the supine position to ensure stabilization of the back and minimization of lumbar lordosis and trunk movement.  Alternate positioning can include standing or sitting against a wall, with the patient’s best alignment of back, neck and head.

To increase the challenge of these exercises, consider combining them with foam roller routines.


Choosing appropriate reps:

Frailer clients should start with 3 repetitions

5 repetitions are usually sufficient for the client who has done some exercises already but is just starting with these band exercises

As progressing with these, or with clients who are very active, increase to 8 repetitions which is sufficient for most people.

Consider reducing the repetitions for each exercise if combining several into one session


Start with yellow resistance band. Sometimes a person may appear strong enough to use red or green band the first time; however, starting with red or green frequently causes flare-ups of back discomfort or shoulder pain.