External Rotations & Bow & Arrow (Clinical)

External Rotations

  • With hands turned towards face, lay the band across the palms of your hands as if it is a ribbon, grasp band with fingers; bend elbows to 90’ angle and tuck elbows into your sides. Keeping elbows tucked at your sides and keeping elbows bend at 900, pull on band, bring hands down towards the floor. Hold maximal position two to three seconds and return slowly to starting position.
  • Variation:  Holding one arm immobile, pull the other hand out to the side. Repeat on the other side.

Bow & Arrow

  • Grasp the resistance band with both hands and tighten up on the band so that there is about 6-8” between your hands. Bring your arms up to a 900 angle with your body, elbows straight.
  • Keep your left arm straight and immobile, pull the right arm down by bending your elbow and bringing your arm out to a 90’ angle with your body (as if to shoot an arrow from a bow.) Keep arm in neutral position--that is, no outward or inward rotation of the arm.  Hold this position two to three seconds and then slowly return to the start. Repeat 3-8X.