Cardiovascular (Clinical)

2-Minute Step Test The 2-Minute Step test indicates the level of aerobic endurance of the participant. It is associated with the ability to perform lifestyle tasks such as walking and stair climbing. See normative values below.

Normative Values: 2-Minute Step Test

Normal range of scores
60-64 75-107 87-115
65-69 73-107 86-116
70-74 68-101 80-110
75-79 68-100 73-109
80-84 60-90 71-103
85-90 55-85 59-91
90-95 44-72 52-86

This value is what your client would be expected to do, based on their age and sex. If they are unable to achieve this number of steps, then cardiovascular endurance may be an issue for them and something you might want to work into their exercise routine.