Balance Copy

One Legged Stance Test (OLST) The OLST measures an older adult’s balance abilities (non-institutionalized population). Stand, arms across the chest, eyes open. Lift one foot off the floor and time how long they can maintain balance. Stop the test at 30 seconds. See normative values below.
Four Square Step Test (FSST) (Dite, 2002) The FSST measures an older adult’s (65+) balance, incorporating quick change of directions which is predictive for risk of multiple falls. Interpretation: >15 seconds considered a multiple faller
Normative Values: One Legged Stance Test
60-64 38 34
65-69 24 24
70-74 18 20
75-79 11 12
80-86 11 10

This value is what your client would be expected to do, based on their age. If they are unable to hold it for this period of time, then balance may be an issue for them and something you might want to work into their exercise routine.

Dite, W.,Temple, V. A. (2002) Clinical Test of Stepping and Change of Direction to Identify Multiple Falling Older Adults. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 83