Physiotherapist, Nova Scotia, 2018

I work in a seniors out patient hospital clinic that includes patients who are diagnosed with a number of various conditions, osteopenia or osteoporosis being quite common in their health histories. Many of my patients are already identified as a high fracture risk on their bone density tests,  some having one/more fragility fractures previously.  Unfortunately some of them haven’t had access to appropriate assessments and/or interventions already put in place by their primary care physicians. I felt I had a good understanding of appropriate exercises and education to provide these patients from the research I did on my own, however the Bonefit course helped solidify my confidence when treating this group. I have taken other courses over the last 14 years as a physiotherapist, however none have enabled me to go to work the following Monday morning and put the knowledge gained into practice. Since taking the course in June, I have used the knowledge I gained on a nearly daily basis. The course binder is such an amazing reference, organized in a very practical way. I have recommended to many of my coworkers that they take this course. I am pleased to now be Bonefit certified for the Moncton area as the knowledge and confidence my patients have gained has been amazing to see so far!!