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About Bone Fit™

Bone Fit™ is an exercise training workshop providing specialized training to exercise health professionals and community fitness professionals with the purpose of encouraging safe exercise for people with osteoporosis. The ultimate goal of the Bone Fit™ Workshop is to provide safe, effective, evidence-based exercises to create a continuum of care from the clinic to the community or home.

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If you are looking for exercise and movement guidance and support, you can find a Bone Fit™ trained professional in your community by using our Bone Fit™ Locator Map.

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The information and handouts provided from the course have allowed me to both pre-screen and identify clients that may be at risk for Osteoprosis. I can now provide clients with knowledge and real-life examples of appropriate exercises and body mechanics to minimize their future fracture risks.


Bone-fit workshop was extremely interesting and useful. The workshop provided very concrete evidence-based information and easy-to-follow tools for evaluation and exercise prescription. Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared to deal with my clients.

Program Coordinator,

The course binder is such an amazing reference, organized in a very practical way. I have recommended to many of my coworkers that they take this course. I am pleased to now be Bonefit certified for the Moncton area as the knowledge and confidence my patients have gained has been amazing to see so far!!