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About Bone Fit™

Bone Fit™ is an exercise training workshop providing specialized training to exercise health professionals and community fitness professionals with the purpose of encouraging safe exercise for people with osteoporosis. The ultimate goal of the Bone Fit™ Workshop is to provide safe, effective, evidence-based exercises to create a continuum of care from the clinic to the community or home.

Connect with a professional in your community

If you are looking for exercise and movement guidance and support, you can find a Bone Fit™ trained professional in your community by using our Bone Fit™ Locator Map.

Not sure what type of exercise professional is right for you? Learn about different professions and their expertise here.

The Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy provides valuable information on patient care and exercise recommendations.


The go to source for patient/care giver information on how to deal with a fracture from pain management to finding resources in your community.