Osteoporosis Canada


In 2010, Osteoporosis Canada launched Bone Fit a two day evidence-informed exercise training workshop for certified exercise and health professionals.

The course content was developed by a Physical Therapist in conjunction with an advisory committee of expert clinicians and academics in the area of osteoporosis and exercise. Additionally, the COPN network informed course development from a patient perspective.

The workshops are designed with an e-learning module followed by an in-person workshop to provide training on the most appropriate, safe and effective methods to prescribe and progress exercise for people with osteoporosis.

Bone Fit teaches simple transitional movements, activities of daily living and recreational pursuits adaptable for people with osteoporosis.

In 2012, the workshops expanded to include a one-day workshop for certified fitness instructors, personal trainers, personal support workers and other certified exercise health professionals.

In 2013, the workshops were restructured as a collaborative learning for both the exercise health professional and community fitness professional to come together for a combined workshop with the purpose of encouraging safe exercise from clinic to community for people with osteoporosis.