Balance of Beauty … Seeing Beyond

If it were not for the rocky shores that hide the true beauty of nature, I could go beyond. As we look forward to a year of celebration throughout Canada, we reflect on a past filled with rocky barriers that was pushed aside to reveal the beautiful oceans of a great future. The lessons and path we’ve taken to move past the rocky barriers will be needed to help us maneuver the fierce but beautiful oceans ahead.

As the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy begins its 13th year of helping reduce the burden of hip fractures, Canada begins its 150th year of providing hope for better healthcare for all. The beauty of better healthcare management is one of balance. The effort and commitment from all players enables better outcomes for all. Our message of a path to a fracture reduced future has been heard by our community partners and has enabled us to all see a positive future for fracture reduction management in Ontario.

Download the newsletter to read more: PDF Icon Fracture Link Newsletter Volume 9

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