Section 3: Exercise after a hip fracture

A recent Cochrane review of mobilization strategies post osteoporotic hip-fracture suggested:

  • There is insufficient evidence overall to establish the effectiveness of the reviewed mobilization strategies used in rehabilitation after hip fracture surgery (including physiotherapy, treadmill, resistance training & electrical stimulation)
  • Limited number of trials, limited power
  • Little information about persistence

Two positive RCT studies (Binder 3, Hauer 22):

Concluded that improved mobility occurred with intensive, supervised ongoing exercise/therapy, specifically with significant differences between the exercise and control groups in the following measurements:

  • Improved walking velocity
  • Less need of walking aid
  • Improved measures on the Physical Performance Test
  • Improved Stair climbing
  • Increased leg extensor strength, decreased fear of falling, improved balance
  • Interestingly, no change in BMD was found2

What were the characteristics of these two positive trials?

Exercise was prescribed for 3x/wk for 3 months or 6 months

  • Patients were supervised in an outpatient centre, using machines
  • Progressive resistive training at 70-90% or 65% max
  • Included functional training – walking, stepping, balance activities

More recent work has revealed:

  • Higher intensity, weight-bearing exercise are not better than lower intensity seated or lying exercises for mobility and balance 40
  • Increased muscle strength and power with 2x/wk supervised resistance training for 12 wks43
  • Arm ergometry + inpatient rehabilitation improved aerobic fitness, mobility and balance 38

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